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The Ascension Project aims to bring the best entertainment to Lancaster - including DJs, bands and other entertainment from around the country.

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We're Creative

We're constantly having new ideas to make your events better, and want to work with you to come up with the best experience for your budget.

We're Experienced

We have organised many successful events in the past, and now we bring this experience to your event, so we deliver the best event possible.

We're Ready

We like to work on a few projects at once, so we can provide you with a unique, dedicated experience to ensure your event stands out.

We’re A New Kind Of Events Company.

The Ascension project is an events company designed to satisfy. Our sole aim is to provide the best events to meet the modern demands of society.


Everything is covered by us, from the event planning to its marketing and delivery, just sit back and let us bring you the best!

Unique To You

We work with you through every stage in the process, to ensure you are happy with every aspect of your final event.


We have worked to bring amazing acts, food and drink to bring a smile to the faces of thousands.

Fantastic Talent

We only work with the best, and will tirelessly search for the best talent to bring your ideal event to life.

The Best Event for Your Needs

We want to work with you to help create the best event for your budget.

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Our Services

Talent Sourcing

We research all over the world to find you the amazing talent that your events deserve, while ensuring that you stay firmly within budget, and make you aware of all the options.

Event Design

We work with you to create the best event with the budget and resources you have, securing acts and services that match the atmosphere you wish to create.

Event Services

We provide a range of services to complement your events, including talent booking, venue design, photography and web design, along with consultancy on a wide range of topics.

Our Events

Cartmel Winter Ball 2019

Cartmel Winter Ball 2019

A black tie dinner whose legacy dates back to the early days of Cartmel.

Cartmel Extrav 2019

Cartmel Extrav 2019

Amazing acts came together to entertain a 1000-strong audience partying until 3 AM.



Bierkeller is the definition of a good time, bringing a booming brass band and cool beer together!

Our Team

Timothy Clark

Timothy Clark


Tim has previously worked as Cartmel College President at Lancaster University, and has overseen the organisation of many events during his tenure. He currently occupies a number of roles organising events at Lancaster.

Tushar Bhatia

Tushar Bhatia


Tushar previously worked as Vice-President of Socials and Events at Cartmel College, and has successfully organised the college Extravaganza, Winter Ball and huge events like Bierkeller. He is passionate about working with you to make your event the best it can be.

Lancaster University

Lancaster University

Mar 27, 2020

Ascension were a pleasure to work with. Extremely proactive and obviously accustomed to thinking outside the box in order to deliver successful and enjoyable events, the Ascension team have an undoubtedly promising future in the Event and Entertainment sphere.

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Campus Pres

Friday 28th February Barker House Farm, Cartmel College, Lancaster University 8 PM – Late Looking for a place for pre-drinks, with great music, plenty of space to bring a group and amazing deals on drinks?

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We are Ascension

The Ascension project, a events company designed to satisfy. Our sole aim is to provide events beyond compare for the modern demands of society.

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We're keen to not only make your next event a reality, but take it to the next level and help you do this from start to finish. All you need to do is get in touch!
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